What a brilliant weekend it's been in Wiltshire England, at the WOMAD Festival's 30th anniversary. Drum circles, drumming workshops and incredible performances. Here at the World Drumming Association, we decided to mark the anniversary by giving honorary membership to our favourite drummer on the bill. Womad veteran and WDA Drum Tutor Alan Raw was at the festival to meet the drummers and present the membership. For Alan this was his 18th time at Womad, when asked about his commitment to the festival he said; " 18 sounds like a lot, until you realise that I've also managed to miss it 12 times." "There are drummers here from all over the world playing Tar, Djembe, Bodhran, Tam Tam, Pandeiro, congas and some impresive drum kits." "There's a lot to learn for all ages and loads of fun to be had." 

"I took my 8 year old son Harrison along (WDA's youngest Student Drummer) and he loved it." "His favourite part was the drumming workshops, especially the one by new WDA Member Sidiki Dembele from Cote d'Ivoire."

Alan saw some fantastic drummers, but had to make a decision on which one impressed him the most. "It's really tough to choose, but I have seen some of the best ones before and of course some of the old guard, especially the session players are already WDA members." "So I'm going to recommend a drummer who I've seen for the first time this weekend; John Clayton AKA Johnny Hooves from the band NZ Shapeshifter." 

He's playing massive jungle dance beats, all live without a click and making the people dance like crazy. All with a big smile and a relaxed style that seems effortless." "I'm well impressed!"  

So the WDA Team would like to thank Womad for there fantastic hospitality and welcome Johnny Hooves from Melbourne Australia, as our new honorary member.