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WDN Membership Fees Abolished!!!!

January 23, 2014
The World Drumming Network's Project Coordinators The Creative and Cultural Company has abolished membership fees. The network is now sponsored by Creative and Cultural. So it has been made free to join and participate, but you need to be invited by a member to join. There is still an admin fee for Academy registration, but even  that is just a one off fee.
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Name Change! WDA becomes WDN

January 23, 2014
So drummers of the World Drumming Network. The results of the vote were clear and the brands will be combined. The world Drumming association is now the World Drumming Network. Expect the main site, logos etc to be updated. No more confusing WDA acronym either. We are the World Drumming Network just like our forum has been all along
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Talking Drums on YouTube

July 8, 2013
We have a new feature on our YouTube Channel called Talking Drums.
Lots of insightful interviews with key players in the world of drums and percussion.
Presented by WDA percussion expert Darren Squires.

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Slave To The Beat Drum Show

April 22, 2013

WDA representatives attended the Slave To The Beat Drum Show at Fruit Space in Hull. It was a great event, well attended with a buzzing atmosphere. All ages were represented from kids to veterans, beginners to pro players. Dream Cymbals (www.dreamcymbals.comsupported the show and really showed what a grate product range they have. The 18" Crash Ride was our favourite. With just that one cymbal and a pair of Dream Bliss hats, you could do a great gig. This has now become an annual event and ...

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The World Drumming Association Award Winners Are:

January 26, 2013

WDA Members have finished voting for the WDA Awards. Unlike other drumming polls, the nominees where not a prescribed short-list of obvious celebrity names to choose from. WDA members make the nominations, vote for the short list then vote for there final winners. Here are the final results of the top five positions in each category. 

Category A: Inspirational Drummer of The Year

1st Billy Cobham

2nd Mike Portnoy

Joint 3rd Chad Smith

Joint 3rd Geoff Dugmore

4th Karl Brazil

Category B: Drum Publicati...

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Voting has started in The World Drumming Association Awards

December 16, 2012

WDA Members have finished nominating drummers for the WDA Awards and voting started this-morning.

Here's a list of the nominees:

Category A: Inspirational Drummer of The Year

1/ Billy Cobham

2/ Chad Smith

3/ Geoff Dugmore

4/ Karl Brazil

5/ Mike Portnoy

Category B: Drum Publication of The Year (in print or online)

1/ Rhythm Magazine

2/ Drumming Daily

3/ Rockschool new 2012 grade books

4/ Drummer Magazine

5/ Modern Drummer Magazine

Category C: Drum Teacher of Th...

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Billy Cobham talks to Alan Raw from WDA

November 29, 2012
A World Drumming Association Audio Interview exclusive. Now on our members site and our Youtube channel: 
Billy Cobham & Alan Raw talk drumming advice, using 4 sticks, the Jack Johnson session, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and more..

 "It was a conversation that I will never forget. I helped him pack his drum set back stage and he shared some incredible advice and memories". Legend! (Alan Raw, Chair of the WDA)
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Live Music Kit

October 12, 2012

The Musicians’ Union has released a handbook giving advice on how the Live Music Act, which came into effect this week, will affect venues and performers when hosting live music events for audiences of fewer than 200 people. It’s hoped the changes will help energise and promote grass roots music; vital for the long-term health of the UK music industry. The Live Music Kit explains why “many small venues” can now host live music without holding a music licence - but you will still need ...

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London Drum Show

October 9, 2012
 If you are planning to attend the London Drum Show on Saturday 13th October there are now ONLY 100 tickets remaining! To avoid disappointment grab yours from or call 01926 339808 and select option 3.
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The Drumming Daily Top Feature in Today's Issue

October 3, 2012
“I think of playing as controlled freedom, and in jazz, especially, that’s exactly what you have.  I love it,” says Cindy Blackman



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